Welcome to Samy’s Camera Photo Camp

Samy's Camera Photo Camp is a fun, hands-on after school enrichment class that gives the students an overview of different fields of photography, including macro photography,  and photojournalism. Students are taught the basics of perspective, framing, and composition. Students are able to engage in a full hands-on photo taking experience.

Samy’s Camera Photo Camp began in 2009 as a great idea by Mike Wood—a way to promote Samy’s Camera as a positive influence in the community, and bring photography education to Los Angeles schools where arts programs have fallen prey to budget cuts. 

With Samy’s approval and support, Mike teamed up with Deborah Cloyed and Samy’s Camera Photo Camp was born.

Two and half years later, the program is a huge success!  Photo Camp has taught over THREE HUNDRED students at NINE different elementary schools across the Los Angeles area, from Eagle Rock to Marina del Rey.

There are three 8 or 9-week semesters of Photo Camp a year.  We teach at each school, one day a week, allowing for up to five schools each semester.

Samy’s Camera Photo Camp has been such a blessing, in addition to being such a feel-good success with the parents, teachers, and local leaders of Los Angeles.  The reach of this program is mind-boggling.  We are infinitely proud of our students and love watching them grow and evolve each time.  We are inspired by the unique and creative way kids look at the world and amazed at the complicated concepts (composition, lighting, perspective, framing, tone, and much more) they master. 

We truly believe what we tell our students—that photography can and does change the world.  Photography enriches our individual lives, while holding the power to transform world perception and history.  Photography alone can record slivers of time while allowing the artist to mold the meaning and emotion his/her photo conveys.  What better way to share our singular love and knowledge of the art of photography here at Samy’s Camera, than by educating and inspiring the next generation of photographers?!