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Contax N1 35MM SLR AF Camera Body (Used)

(Part #: S-021445)
Contax N1 35MM SLR AF Camera Body (Used)
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Contax N1 35MM SLR AF Camera Body (Used) Contax N1 35MM SLR AF Camera Body (Used) Contax N1 35MM SLR AF Camera Body (Used)
Contax N1 35MM SLR AF Camera Body (Used)
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The N1 is a responsive professional tool complemented with a new line of simply brilliant optics. Durability, ergonomics and operation are all exemplary for others to emulate.

The N1's moving parts such as dials and levers have been fitted with O-rings and rubber packing to repel dust and moisture intrusion. The body is entirely made of diecast aluminium alloy which is as rigid as one could desire.

The feel of the N1 is heavily influenced by its fellow professional Contax SLRs. If you are already familiar with the brand, operation will immediately be intuitive. If you've never experienced Contax's professional cameras, the key is simplicity. Contaxes are not bestowed with a myriad of gadget-like gimmicks or over-engineered controls. They have what you need where you need it, in a straightforward manner that's impeccably easy to work with. Adjust shutter speeds or exposure compensation with their individual dials, or switch control to the command dial sensibly perched just below your shutter finger. Switch autofocus point selection with the two-stage button right at your right thumb. And do it all through a viewfinder that's better delineated than any conventional autofocus SLR, and on a par with professional manual focus SLR viewfinders.

The principal lens for the new mount is the 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5. This stellar optic feels and operates much like its manual focus Contax brethren. The image circle is enormous for a zoom lens of this range, resulting in minimal light falloff even when shooting at f/3.5 & 24mm. Color, contrast and out-of-focus characteristics are all on par with the absolute best of the revered Carl Zeiss T* line. Manual focus dampening is better than other autofocus lens manufacturer's efforts. Best of all, as on all the new autofocus lenses, there's no need to switch off of AF to modulate the focus.

The camera shows signs of age and use, the back is slightly sticky. Tested and appears to be accurate on the shutter speeds, however we do not have the tools to confirm this.

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