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Large Format Film Camera

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Part #: 0170691
Arca-Swiss | RM3DI Camera Body | 0170691

The Arca-Swiss RM3DI Camera Body is the perfect tool for any photographer wishing to shoot both with a digital back as well as film. The ARCA Rm3Di can be mounted with lenses ranging from 23 mm to 210mm. Schneider, as well as Rodenstock are both working hard on the developm...
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PRICE: $5,530.00
Part #: 017142
Acra-Swiss | RotaMount Rotating Back To Series R, F and M Line | 017142

The Arca-Swiss RotaMount Rotating Back To Series R, F and M Line is the new rotating back used for both R (digital or film back) series for view cameras Series F - and M - Line Darca-SWISS. The new rotary RotaMount to switch back in a few seconds and helps to safely sh...
PRICE: $546.00
Part #: 90702
Arca-Swiss | E-module (cloud) Pourappareils R-Line | 90702

The Arca-Swiss E-module (cloud) Pourappareils R-Line is a new device for measuring distances to Rline series with the e-module Cloud. Arca-Swiss developed a world first in terms of distance measurement with a device that does not present the danger of lasers. Cloud e-m...
PRICE: $1,890.00
Part #: 02405054
QuickLoad Film Holder

The Fujifilm QuickLoad Film Holder is a low-profile quick load film holder which makes large format location shoots much easier. 4x5 single sheet enveloped film takes up less space than double sheet film holders and minimizes dust problems. The QuickLoad holder permits sin...
PRICE: $134.94
Part #: 180725
6x7cm 120 Roll Film Holder f/ 4x5 Cameras

These are designed with a 4x5 mounting plate for easy and direct insertioninto Toyo 4x5 camera backs without removal of the ground glass. May alsobe attached to any brand view camera with Graflok back.

TOYO 4x5 backs also allow use of these holders without the removal of the gro...
Availability: In Stock
PRICE: $1,565.00
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Part #: 233007
4x5 Wide Angle Bellows

Make use of shorter lenses with the 4x5 Wide Angle Bellows.
PRICE: $412.00
Part #: 234025
Bellows Hood Mask 2

This is a great bellows for a 4X5 camera and is Swiss made by Sinar.
Availability: In Stock
PRICE: $695.00
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Part #: 241053
#00 Recessed Lensboard

Most wide-angle lenses (down to about 55mm) will work on a Sinar camera with a flat lensboard when combined with a wide-angle bellows. This #00 recessed board is for even wider-angle lenses and is pre-drilled for the now discontinued #00 Compur shutter. Drilled for #00 shutter (i.e. Schneider...
PRICE: $696.00
Part #: 180713
Dual-Axis Spirit Level

Dual Axis Spirit Level replacement. Includes mounting screws.
PRICE: $53.99
Part #: 180715
Infinity Stops f/ Toyo Field Cameras (pair)

Pair of additional infinity stops for Toyo-Field 45A and 810M cameras. Can be folded when not in use. Allows fast set-up of lens to preset infinity position. Several sets can be installed for use with a variety of focal length lenses.
PRICE: $65.99
Part #: 180731
8x10 Protective Ground Glass Cover

8x10 Protective Ground Glass Cover for Toyo View Cameras
PRICE: $91.99
Part #: 180814
4x5 Groundglass Focusing Screen - Acid Etched Grid Lines

This Toyo Focusing Screen features corner-to-corner viewing, with translucent, acid-etched centimeter grid lines. Printed reference corners for 6x7cm and 6x9cm roll film formats. Replacement ground glass for the Toyo 4x5 view camera. It features corner-to-corner viewing, w...
PRICE: $101.99
Part #: 180903
CH45II 4x5 Double Sheet Film Holder (2-pack)

With precision metal septum, durable construction and exacting film plane tolerances within 0.003". Dark slides slip in and out smoothly without ever disturbing holder position. Wide flap opening permits easy film loading.
PRICE: $109.99
Part #: 180711
250mm Fixed Monorail for 45C

250mm Fixed, (black) short fixed rail for wide angle lenses. Fixed monorails are lightweight and economical, and cannot be connected to G/GX or GB monorails.
PRICE: $138.99
Part #: 180730

The 4" Extension Back attaches easily between camera body and back for stable added extension for close-up or telephoto applications. Up to two extension backs may be added.
Availability: In Stock
PRICE: $696.99
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